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Healthcare Software Senior Executive | KCPS Board Director | Experienced Leader |  Mentor

As a business leader, a product of KCPS, a parent and grandparent and a KC native, Nate is serving as a  school board member because our KIDS deserve leaders who will …

Stand in the Gap!

Who I Am

Nate is a 44-year-old lifelong Kansas City metro resident who has been married to his wife, Felecia for nearly 20 years. Nate and Felecia have a blended family that includes two surviving, amazing young men. TJ is 24 years old and graduated from KU with his master’s in architecture. Jaiden is 19 years old and is a creative young man who is taking time away from his sophomore year of college to focus on creative endeavors. Their oldest son, Monty, was killed in a senseless act of violence in 2014. He would have turned 27 in 2018.

Professionally, Nate is the General Manager of a Cerner software business unit and has a 22-year professional career spanning multiple domains and industries, both in large corporations and as an entrepreneur. Additionally, Nate has served on many non-profit boards and neighborhood associations and understands how an effective board should and should not operate.

Growing up was tough, and by the time Nate was seven years old, he had attended three different schools and after his parents divorced, he attended three different schools in seventh grade alone. Being a transient student had an impact on his ability to make lasting friendships and stay interested academically. There were no support systems in place, at school or otherwise, to make sure that he didn’t fall through the cracks. These life experiences are what motivated Nate to join the KCPS School Board and help make our school system better for all KIDS.

Because of his negative educational experiences, Nate knew he didn’t want to put his boys through the same system. So, when he and Felecia got married and had the option to leave KCPS, they did. But, they were drawn back home after Jaiden graduated high school. Now their family is integrating themselves back into the city that they grew up in. The city that he and Felecia met in. The city that they love.

The one thing that they don’t love however, is the continued challenge of ensuring that every child has equal access to a quality education that is personalized for their individual learning needs! KC KIDS deserve an education system where a high functioning board works with the superintendent on developing policy and then gets out of their way, all while measuring progress and holding the administration accountable.



KC KIDS deserve to have the status quo education model challenged so that innovative new strategies can be deployed in the best interest of every student.


KC KIDS deserve to have access to services that give them the greatest opportunity for success.


KC KIDS deserve to have leaders who don’t run away from the challenges that their school district faces but runs towards those problem on their behalf!

What I beleive

Stand in the Gap

  • For too long, those passionate about education in Kansas City have refused to do the work to understand each other’s position without assuming the worst intentions and without using their influence to drive a wedge between themselves and those who have a different opinion. If we are to solve the complex challenges that our KIDS face, and prepare them for the knowledge economy, we need to get opposing forces out of the trenches and at the table TOGETHER, engaged in meaningful dialogue.

Innovative Leadership

  • KCPS needs to leverage the district assets in creative ways and develop new partnerships that help ensure that recent progress towards accreditation can continue without disruption. Our KIDS are counting on us to be steadfast in our efforts to protect their futures.

Efficient and Effective Board Governance

  • Recent progress has shown that the School Board is making strides towards providing strategic leadership and governance instead of getting in the weeds of day to day operational elements that should be left up to the district administration. More work needs to be done to transform the board into a high-functioning one.


  • EVERY decision needs to be made with the districts KIDS at the front of the boards minds!


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