Stand In the Gap

For too long, those passionate about education in Kansas City have refused to do the work to understand each other’s position without assuming the worst intentions and without using their influence to drive a wedge between themselves and those who have a different opinion. If we are to solve the complex challenges that our KIDS face, and prepare them for the knowledge economy, we need to get opposing forces out of the trenches and at the table TOGETHER, engaged in meaningful dialogue.

Innovative Leadership

KCPS is on shaky financial footing. This, combined with any unforeseen economic downturn and the district could be in real financial trouble. We need to leverage the districts assets in creative ways and develop new partnerships that help ensure that recent progress towards accreditation can continue without disruption. Our KIDS are counting on us to be steadfast in our efforts to protect their futures.

Efficient and Effective Board Governance

Recent progress has shown that the School Board is making strides towards providing strategic leadership and governance instead of getting in the weeds of day to day operational elements that should be left up to the district administration. More work needs to be done to transform the board into a high-functioning one.

KIDS First

EVERY decision needs to be made with the districts KIDS at the front of the boards minds!

Nate Hogan For KCPS Board Sub-District 2

How You Can Support

Your financial support means everything to our campaign. Without it, it would be very difficult to get our message out. Thank you!