On Wednesday, April 10th, I’ll be sworn in to the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors. I’ve never been more excited about an opportunity and I want to start by saying thank you to the hundreds of people who have supported me since I declared my candidacy on December 18th. Whether you signed my petition to appear on the ballot, encouraged me to run, told me I was crazy for running or kept me in your thoughts and prayers as I set out on a journey that I believe will be one of the most personally enriching experiences of a lifetime – I appreciate all of you! Now the work begins.

The wisest advice I got was from a friend whom I’ve known for 30 years. He told me “students, teachers, administration in that order and you likely won’t go wrong”. I think that about sums up the priorities of everyone who works in education. To expand upon that, I would add the following:

  • Ensure students receive an equitable education that not only prepares them for a career down the road, but also helps them think critically, engage civically, and teaches them the importance of giving back to their community.
  • Advocate for teachers to receive the pay, benefits, professional development, tools and resources needed to care for and educate our kids.
  • Provide the oversight, governance AND partnership needed for the superintendent and their team to focus on the business of delivering a world class culture and learning environment for their staff, teachers and our kids!

I’m committed to doing my part to focus every day on the above and I ask that you hold me accountable along the way.

In closing, I want to stress the importance of each and every one of you engaging directly with the school district. Whether you have kids in the district or not, if you live in Kansas City, the education that our kids get has an impact on you. Crime, homelessness, addiction, and the like can be reduced through ensuring that our kids are prepared for college and/or the workforce immediately following graduation. So, if you care about our beautiful city and you care about its future, I encourage you to come to school board meetings, engage in the dialogue in a respectful manner, volunteer your time to mentor kid in KCPS or find your own way to participate. I promise you’ll feel more connected and it will make a positive difference in some deserving kids life.

I hope to see you soon.

Nate Hogan – Sub-district 2


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