Growing up was tough, and by the time Nate was seven years old, he had attended three different schools and after his parents divorced, he attended three different schools in seventh grade alone. Being a transient student had an impact on his ability to make lasting friendships and stay interested academically. There were no support systems in place, at school or otherwise, to make sure that he didn’t fall through the cracks. These life experiences are what motivated Nate to join the KCPS School Board and help make our school system better for all KIDS.

We are ready to face the challenge of ensuring that every child has equal access to a quality education that is personalized for their individual learning needs! KC KIDS deserve an education system where a high functioning board works with the superintendent on developing policy and then gets out of their way, all while measuring progress and holding the administration accountable.

KC KIDS deserve to have the status quo education model challenged so that innovative new strategies can be deployed in the best interest of every student.
KC KIDS deserve to have access to services that give them the greatest opportunity for success.
KC KIDS deserve to have leaders who don’t run away from the challenges that their school district faces but runs towards those problem on their behalf!

 As a business leader, a product of KCPS, a parent and grandparent and a KC native, Nate is running for the school board because our KIDS deserve leaders who will STAND IN THE GAP!


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